The Stanley Parable


The Stanley Parable is one of the greatest single-player games, in my opinion. It’s all about making your own decisions. The game starts in your office. It can be a mystery or an entertaining game depending on your choices. A hilarious narrator accompanies you throughout the entire game, making remarks about the decisions you’ve made.

In the game, you play as a character named Stanley. Stanley can have a different personality as explained by the narrator, depending on what decisions you make. Stanley seems to be your average office worker at the beginning of the story, but that may change after playing through the game. There are many Easter Eggs in the game, as well as unlockable achievements. For example, a simple decision like choosing the left or right door can change your whole entire game play experience, but don’t worry. You can try the other path later.

The biggest suggestion I have, is to make sure to try and find all of the endings you can, because there are many. You will find that the narrator will try and persuade you to choose another path, and you can choose to listen or ignore his words. Don’t be afraid to go against the narrator’s words. Just remember that there is no real way to win the game.

These next sentences contain minor spoilers.
In one path, Stanley searches for his co-workers, listening to the narrator’s every word. In another path, you can completely disregard what the narrator says and go view the worlds of Minecraft and Portal 2 in the game! Perhaps the strangest path is the one where you go outside of the office building, through the window, to find a world of white using some intense crouching skills.

The Stanley Parable is available on the Steam store for $14.99. Make sure to play the demo before purchasing the full game.

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Comparing Portal 1 and Portal 2

portal-logoNOTE: In this article, there may be some spoilers for the games Portal 1 and Portal 2.

A lot of people may have played the original Portal game that came in the orange box, but have not played the sequel, Portal 2. In this post I will be comparing Portal 1 and Portal 2.

In Portal one you start in a strange room and you hear a robotic voice that says,

“Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center.”

“We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one.”

“Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper.”

“Before we start, however, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of all enrichment center activities, serious injuries may occur.”

“For your own safety and the safety of others, please refrain from– [bzzzzzt (end of text)]”

From The Portal Wiki

You don’t really experience a storyline in Portal 1.

SPOILER ALERT: GLaDOS (the robot that greets you in the beginning), tries to kill you, and you don’t really know why.

Portal 2 is MUCH different. Unlike Portal 1, Portal 2 has a storyline.

In the beginning of Portal 2, you wake up in a bedroom and you do not know why. Once again, you hear a robotic voice (which is not GLaDOS), that tells you to look at the ceiling and the floor. The voice also tells you to stare at a painting. Once you are done with that, you go to sleep again.

Here is a video walkthough of the very beginning of Portal 2.

Another difference is that the graphics are better in Portal one than Portal 2. Here is an image comparison that came from Portal 2’s page on WikiPedia.


For whatever reason you have played Portal 1 and not Portal 2, you should play Portal 2 and find all of the differences for yourself.

What was your favorite part of Portal 1? What was your favorite part of Portal 2?

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Grass_blockMinecraft is a game where you can build, craft, and survive the night. However Multiplayer can bend the rules a little but this is about SinglePlayer! You can do anything you want! Oh and if you want to play and get skins, a username, and the ability to play online, go to Also you can change textures/sounds or music and install modifications! This game is one of the best I ever played so if you like building and crafting, you should get this!

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Review: Angry Birds For iPad

Angry Birds is a game that you kill enemy pigs  birds. To hit the pigs, you have to aim the slingshot. It matters where you shoot because you have to kill all the pigs with the fewest shots.

Angry Birds is available for computer, and other platforms, but the version I am reviewing is for the iPad.  I bought the game on iTunes but it is the same version can also play on other Apple products. The PC computer version is different and seems to have different levels and does not allow touch play.


angrybirds-goldeneggsThe more points you get, the more stars you get. In each level, you can get a max of 3 stars. There are also golden eggs, which are hidden around the game. A hint for one of the golden egg location is within the credits.

My first thought about the game was that it was going to be fun because of the silly birds. The first time I actually saw someone play Angry Birds was my grandfather on his PC computer.


It took about six or seven tries to get the hang of shooting the birds from the slingshot. With the iPad, it is touch screen, and you have to aim just right in order to hit as many of the pigs as possible. I found out that to get the best score possible, that you have to not just kill all the pigs with as few birds as possible, but also try to damage as much of the contraption that surrounds the pigs.

So, if you shoot one bird and kill all the pigs, you still can get just 1 star out of 3 if you did not damage the materials that either hide or are suppose to make it hard to kill the pigs. Usually levels with only black birds (or I call them bomb birds because they explode), you will need to use all of the birds to get 3 stars. Just thought I’d add that tidbit in. 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to my site. My name is Luis Angel Flores and this site is about video gaming. I may share my own videos that I’ve made, so I hope you like it. I hope to make some video games in the future too. 🙂

I’m only 11 years old, so please understand that I’m still learning to blog and share my experience with you. Come by and say hello anytime.

Oh, and my mom is Nile Flores of She is teaching me how to blog and maintain my website.

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