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minetime-thumbnail-imgI’ve been a member of the Minecraft server called Minetime Cloud. I’ve been playing it so much that I’ve even donated and so here I am writing about it here in my site. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much that I haven’t blogged so much here lately.

Minetime Cloud is a Minecraft server that hosts Survival Build, PvPfest (player versus player), Factions, Creative Plots, Skyblock, and Zombie Infection. Newly added, Skywars and Prison.

About These Inner Servers

Survival Build
A free build with no griefing allowed.

Just kill everyone else once your down the waterfall.

A server much like survival build. (I really don’t know how to play it XD)

Creative Plots
Do in the chat box /plotme home and build whatever you want in your plot.

Zombie Infection
Kill all of the zombies (the people in chain armor) and if you die, YOUR A ZOMBIE!

Expand your sky island!

Like skyblock, but more like PvPblock

A server that to break out you need to mine and sell your cobble and valuble minerals. After much mining and getting ranked up you can get Freeman and warp to the Freeman World. (Voting for this server will help you get in-game money)

Ranks like Premium, Enhanced, V.I.P., M.V.P, Executive, CEO, Admin, and Timeless are not actual server helpers, these are ranks you can buy at buy.minetime.com. These ranks will let you access special kits, commands, and privileges.

To check out this server more go to minetime.com

For Minecraft go add a new server and put minetime.com

If  you would like to play with me on this server my username is CatMasterplaysmc
I do not own this server. It is owned by CollinPotato.


About Angel Flores

I'm 11 years old and hope to make video games when I get older.
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