Review: Angry Birds For iPad

Review of: Angry Birds
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Rovio Entertainment

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On January 5, 2013
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Review of Angry Birds for iPad

Angry Birds is a game that you kill enemy pigs  birds. To hit the pigs, you have to aim the slingshot. It matters where you shoot because you have to kill all the pigs with the fewest shots.

Angry Birds is available for computer, and other platforms, but the version I am reviewing is for the iPad.  I bought the game on iTunes but it is the same version can also play on other Apple products. The PC computer version is different and seems to have different levels and does not allow touch play.


angrybirds-goldeneggsThe more points you get, the more stars you get. In each level, you can get a max of 3 stars. There are also golden eggs, which are hidden around the game. A hint for one of the golden egg location is within the credits.

My first thought about the game was that it was going to be fun because of the silly birds. The first time I actually saw someone play Angry Birds was my grandfather on his PC computer.


It took about six or seven tries to get the hang of shooting the birds from the slingshot. With the iPad, it is touch screen, and you have to aim just right in order to hit as many of the pigs as possible. I found out that to get the best score possible, that you have to not just kill all the pigs with as few birds as possible, but also try to damage as much of the contraption that surrounds the pigs.

So, if you shoot one bird and kill all the pigs, you still can get just 1 star out of 3 if you did not damage the materials that either hide or are suppose to make it hard to kill the pigs. Usually levels with only black birds (or I call them bomb birds because they explode), you will need to use all of the birds to get 3 stars. Just thought I’d add that tidbit in. 🙂

Review of Angry Birds for iPad

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2 Responses to Review: Angry Birds For iPad

  1. Janice says:

    I like the way you did this review. It does take time to learn how to get enough stars to keep moving forward, wish I had read this before I started playing!

  2. Stacy King says:

    Thanks for the review. Believe it or not, I have never played Angry Birds but I think I will check it out after reading what you said. It sounds fun!

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