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Overview of the Stanley Parable Game.


The Stanley Parable is one of the greatest single-player games, in my opinion. It’s all about making your own decisions. The game starts in your office. It can be a mystery or an entertaining game depending on your choices. A hilarious narrator accompanies you throughout the entire game, making remarks about the decisions you’ve made.

In the game, you play as a character named Stanley. Stanley can have a different personality as explained by the narrator, depending on what decisions you make. Stanley seems to be your average office worker at the beginning of the story, but that may change after playing through the game. There are many Easter Eggs in the game, as well as unlockable achievements. For example, a simple decision like choosing the left or right door can change your whole entire game play experience, but don’t worry. You can try the other path later.

The biggest suggestion I have, is to make sure to try and find all of the endings you can, because there are many. You will find that the narrator will try and persuade you to choose another path, and you can choose to listen or ignore his words. Don’t be afraid to go against the narrator’s words. Just remember that there is no real way to win the game.

These next sentences contain minor spoilers.
In one path, Stanley searches for his co-workers, listening to the narrator’s every word. In another path, you can completely disregard what the narrator says and go view the worlds of Minecraft and Portal 2 in the game! Perhaps the strangest path is the one where you go outside of the office building, through the window, to find a world of white using some intense crouching skills.

The Stanley Parable is available on the Steam store for $14.99. Make sure to play the demo before purchasing the full game.

Overview of the Stanley Parable Game.

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